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coaching & consulting for  high performers who want to express themselves authentically & create results that transform themselves and others.

Business Coaching

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to improve how you grow, lead, or manage your business and still have a meaningful life, I can help. 

My clients long for a life and business that are aligned and meaningful, believing somewhere deep down that they don't have to sacrifice success in one area for fulfillment in th
e other. 


I work with driven, motivated professionals and their teams who want to create meaningful, sustainable change. 

Personal Coaching

We like to avoid doing the work that really matters. We like to push our dreams to the side, ignore that nagging feeling that we might have something important to offer the world around us. 

My clients have tried to figure it out on their own, but haven't been able to get over the hump. Or they've been stuck in the "thinking about it" phase, and they are ready to make something meaningful happen.

Living the life that you want, being the person you aspire to be, and making a difference in your world, is an inside job. 

It starts with you.
And I can help.


this Is For You If...

You are ready to bring your thoughts and dreams to life

I'll help you understand your thoughts, boldly state your goals, and then take action to achieve them. 

You want to stop doing what you think you Should, and start Doing What matters to you

I'll help you create and sustain the conviction to play the game on your own terms, rather than getting caught up in the noise of what you should be doing. 

You want to see real results

We'll get clear on how we are keeping score, and create a reliable, trackable system that will allow you to see how you are doing in 10 seconds or less. 

You want to be an owner, not an employee

I'll help you make a plan, stick with it, and put systems in place that allow you to own, manage, and lead your business, rather than working as a full time employee. 

You want to build the life you love,
while loving the Life you Live

I'll help you clarify what you really want, create virtuous cycles to make that come to life, and help you find the courage to keep your own score, so you can love your life while you live your life.  

Questions and Answers

Why Should I Hire A Coach? 

Trying to find solutions to the challenges we face in life and business can be difficult to do on our own. 

A good coach can provide you the partnership, accountability, and tools you need to help you take control over your thoughts, emotions and actions, so you can get the results you desire.

Why Should I Hire You? 

I work with a limited number of clients at a time, allowing me to be fully invested, available, and committed to your success. 


With a clear, well defined process, you'll know from the start how we plan to help you get where you want to be. Flexible enough to handle your individual goals, but structured enough to help us stay on track for your success.

What Is My Investment?


A minimum of three months gives us time to get to know one another, work the models, and learn through action.

A commitment to the coaching process and taking action on your goals.


I understand coaching is a big investment, and one that I take very seriously. Once we commit to working together, I will be all in on your goals, right along with you. 


The financial investment is dependent on several factors, let's chat to discuss if we are a good fit and to discuss pricing.

Will I Get Results?

First, we'll create awareness on where you are, what you want to get out of coaching, and what's getting in the way.


Then, we'll create a well defined action plan centered around your goals, and check our progress along the way. 


Finally, I'll help you stay accountable to your goals and actions so you can see the results you desire. 

I believe, unwaveringly, that if you'll do the work, we will figure it out, and your life and business will be changed for the better. 


Real People  -  Real Impact

personal coaching by Bryan Hendley Coaching

Bryan always seems to ask the right questions. He doesn't try to tell us how to run our business, but instead, he asks questions that help us see things we might be missing. It's great to have an outside perspective who is focused on helping us develop our story, our brand, and our team.


-Bo, Small Business Owner-


Purpose Project By Bryan Hendley
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Testimonials from The Purpose Project, a partnership with The Gathering Place in which we support college students in their pursuit of living a life of and on purpose. 

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