Creative Solutions For Your Personal And Professional Challenges

Life can be challenging. 
Work can be challenging. 
Relationships can be challenging. 
Change can be challenging. 

And that's okay, because you are up for the challenge!
And I'm here to help. 

Life's challenges may not be getting any easier, but we can work together to help you become more resilient, more confident, and more prepared to deal with whatever comes your way.  


Small Groups

Each small group offering is custom designed for the audience they serve.

Each includes:


*A judgement free space which allows participants to dream big and set meaningful goals

*Interactive, thoughtful, challenging sessions with a bias towards action

*Tools that can be implemented immediately


The Purpose Project - College

Would You? - Adults


Minded Training

Noble Minded Training is designed for teams who are interested in mastering the mental game and operating at peak performance. 

These sessions will purposefully build the thoughts and habits of the individual and the collective, using clear and concise messaging and providing tools that can be implemented immediately. 

Sample Topics include: 

Lead Yourself First


Making Your Coach Better

Being Noble Minded

The Truth: Tell It, Take It, Live It

It's easy to get overwhelmed with life's challenges, and to start listening to our own doubts and outside negativity.


No matter what your goal, we can work together to help you see that it's possible, identify your obstacles, and take meaningful action to help you get there.


I'll come to our sessions with encouragement, honesty, and creativity as I partner with you to help you move purposefully towards your goals.



One on One Coaching

"...But all the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

ran away and hid from one little Did."

-Shel Silverstein-

Real People   Real Impact

Purpose Project By Bryan Hendley
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Testimonials from The Purpose Project. Participants consisted of college students on a summer internship focused on leadership development and personal growth. 



Coach Hendley has helped my mental game tremendously. In our coaching sessions, we talk about different things almost every week that keep my mental toughness growing. I couldn't imagine the improvement in my game over the last few months without him.


-Kylie, college athlete-



Bryan coached my middle school daughter through the Best Year Ever program. My wife and I were both astonished at what she learned about herself by putting thought to the powerful questions in the framework. Thank you, Bryan, for giving our daughter the same respect, time, and voice that we would want to give her as parents.


-Mark, parent-



Bryan always seems to ask the right questions. He doesn't try to tell us how to run our business, but instead, he asks questions that help us see things we might be missing. It's great to have an outside perspective who is focused on helping us develop our story, our brand, and our team.


-Bo Mann, Wake Up Coffee Co.-


Bryan Hendley Favorites-0004.jpg

Bryan was a steady, wise, encouraging force in our son's life. 

-Paige, parent-



Ready To stop wondering what's possible and start determining what is?

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Step 1: We'll chat about your needs or the needs of your group and see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Step 2: We'll identify your goals, obstacles, and action steps to help you get where you want to be. Then, we'll work together to help you move forward.

Step 3: You'll develop stronger answers, better questions, and leave our time together equipped to take meaningful, purposeful action towards your goals.   

Take The First Step

If you are looking for one on one coaching, small group facilitation through one of my frameworks, or an encouraging message through writing or speaking, I'd love to connect and see if I can help. 

Email me at and let me know what you are looking for, or give me a call at 912-242-1316

I'll be in touch soon!