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  My approach is one centered on service, creativity, and a solutions first mindset.

I believe: 

 * People have the capacity to live out their big ambitions

* Our hopes and dreams matter

* We all have the power of choice

* Learning to master the mind is powerful and life changing

* Action leads to insight 

What Do You Get When You Work With Me? 
Working with me means you get a coach who is accessible, engaged, and invested in your success. My focus is not on churning new clients, but instead, diligently and thoughtfully serving those in front of me. In addition to our scheduled sessions, I'll be available in between for support, encouragement, and reminders based on your personal and professional goals. You'll be working with someone with experience and success in business building, relationships, finding solutions, and taking action that leads to insight. Most of all, you'll get a steady, reliable, encouraging partner in crime, who will help you see what is possible, design a plan to get there, and take action on what matters most. 

My Background:
* Successful* Small Business Owner with an entrepreneurial spirit
Owner and grower of The Tent Guys, a beach tent rental business, which has recently grown to include wedding tent and event rentals.
*By my measure of's important that we know how we are keeping score 

* 12 years as a classroom teacher
As an educator, I taught in both elementary and middle school classrooms. 

* 10 years as a basketball coach
My experience includes coaching middle school, high school, and college athletes.

* Curiosity, creativity & encouragement
I also write encouraging pieces focused on leadership, family, and personal development. My book, Be Kind, It Might Be Their Birthday is full of encouragements and uplifting stories to help you live a life of and on purpose. Check out my writing here.

I understand coaching is an investment, and if you are new to coaching, it may be something you are not entirely sure of. That's why I offer a free consultation for anyone interested in learning more about coaching and my process.



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