My clients are curious, creative, and passionate about doing something meaningful with their lives.

I work with people who are wrestling with life's tough challenges: having a great school year, finding purpose in their lives, aligning career with values, or trying to discover how to leverage their strengths to impact the world around them. 

What's Next For You?

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, mapping out their next move. If that's you, whether your child needs a trusted guide from outside the home, assistance defining your purpose, career exploration, or just a fresh perspective on your current and future situation, let's connect!  

How It Works?

We'll work together to clearly articulate your goals, define what matters most to you and determine actionable steps to help you live into those things. Each session, we'll focus on whatever is most pressing for you, and determine what small steps you can take towards your big dreams. I'll be here to listen, coach, and help you move forward. 

About Me

I love to help students, recent graduates and young professionals define and live into their purpose, whatever that may be for them right now. I believe that people have the capacity to live out their big ambitions, but only if they choose to. I am a trained coach with a background as a teacher and basketball coach. Check out what others have to say about me here

I also write encouraging pieces focused on leadership, family, and being kind. My book, Be Kind, It Might Be Their Birthday is full of encouragements and uplifting stories to help you live a life of and on purpose. Check out my writing here.

I understand coaching is an investment, and if you are new to coaching, it may be something you are not entirely sure of. That's why I offer a free session for us to discuss where you are and to allow you to experience coaching with me. We'll dive right in, and whether we decide to work together or not, you will receive a powerful session that will help you move forward. 

Email me to discuss how we can work together.