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Session 1: Mark Isenhour, A-Plus Tours

Listen in to hear…

  • Mark claim to be best friends with Dave Matthews

  • His affinity for Honey Baked Ham

  • How he got started with his company

  • The challenges and joys of owning his own business

  • How he once encouraged me to break into a maximum security facility

Great session today with a longtime friend of mine, Mark Isenhour. Mark is the owner and operator, along with his wife, of A-Plus Tours. A-Plus Tours is a full service educational tours company based out of the metro Atlanta, Georgia area, that helps provide experiential learning opportunities for students and takes the stress of planning and managing school trips off of the shoulders of the teachers. ​

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Mark's Favorite Childhood Show: Bobby's World


The animal that Mark is most afraid of (the honey badger)

Why the Segway failed

Pat Flynn - Will It Fly 


Dwight Schrute

Season 3 Episode 13 of The Office

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Session 2: Lauren Prince, Yoga Guru


Lauren Prince is a yoga instructor based in St. Simons Island, GA who has a unique and creative way of teaching that is welcoming for beginners, challenging for experienced yoga-ers, and fun for everyone. Lauren has a great spirit about her, doesn't take herself too seriously, and clearly enjoys what she does. 

Listen in to hear…

  • How I once claimed Lauren was "my yoga instructor"

  • Which is better hot yoga or regular yoga

  • How long it takes to learn a headstand

  • How Lauren got started in yoga (and how you can too)

  • Whether or not it's okay to take off your clothes in yoga

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The Club (where Lauren teaches)

How to do a headstand

Where Lauren is teaching

    * ​12/12 @ 4:00 hot slow flow   * 12/19 @ 4:00 hot slow flow     * 12/20 4:30 muli-level     * 12/21 9:00 open flow

Plus lots of dates in January!!!

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Session 3: Jenna Starkey, Fulfillment Coach

Jenna Starkey is an ICF accredited life, career and fulfillment coach based out of Seattle, Washington who specializes in helping high achieving, heart-centered millennials discover fulfillment in their work and personal lives. She also recently received her certification in the Integrative Enneagram Assessment (IEQ) and has her yoga. Jenna is Extraordinary because of her enthusiastic, bright spirit and for courageously pursuing her passion of coaching and serving others.    

Listen in to hear…

  • Why coaching is not as woo-woo as you might think

  • How to find a coach that fits for you

  • Why some people go after their "thing" and why some people get stuck

  • How Jenna became a life coach and what obstacles she had to overcome to get there

  • Why you should never drive a Ford Explorer


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Jenna's Website

The Muse: Coaching Website

Smiley Poswolksy

Jenna's friend who wrote Quarter Life Breakthrough

The Enneagram​: Book, Website 

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Session 4: International man of mystery


Today's session features a truly Extraordinary Joe, The International Man of Mystery. After responding to a series of Craigslist ads, today's guest has gone from an errand boy to a world traveling, personal assistant to a member of a foreign royal family. In this episode you'll learn about how small steps, taking action, and learning along the way, have led to a truly extraordinary life. 

Listen in to hear…

  • A hot take on who has the best chicken sandwich

  • What it's like to eat horse, of course

  • How he ended up at an Ed Sheeran concert

  • How our guest went from an ordinary guy to an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things

  • The joys and challenges of world travel

  • Which beach is the best in the world

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Travel and Points Sites

The Points Guy

One Mile at a Time
Million Miles

The Secret to Daniel's Success

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Session 5: Lance Weiss - comedian


Come on in to Session 5 of Extraordinary Joes and Party with Lance. Lance Weiss is a New York based comedian, podcast host, and maker of laughs. During today's session, we talk with Lance about why he chose comedy, how he got started, and the joys and challenges of the profession. Lance offers up some incredible insight and encouragement that we can all use in our daily lives in how we approach others, how we care for our selves, and maintaining healthy perspective in our lives. 

Listen in to hear…

  • Why you should avoid Greyhound Bus Lines at all costs

  • How Lance uses comedy to break down barriers and make connections

  • Why Lance thinks I should change the name of the podcast

  • How small encouragements and actions can have a huge impact

  • What you should do in NYC, from an expert

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Instagram: @partywithlance

Party with Lance Podcast

Chris Rock Interview

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Session 6: Esther Marques - Impressive Young Lady

The World Race


Esther Marques is the type of young lady that we need to hear from! Esther is embarking on a journey of faith, courage, and adventure as she joins the World Race for a gap year during what should be her sophomore year in college. Knowing the challenges facing many of our young adults, the decisions that many of them are making, and the importance of helping them find their way in the world, I love hearing Esther's story and the exciting way that she is living into what matters most to her. 

Listen in to hear…

  • Is a spider a reptile or an insect? 

  • What is the World Race? 

  • How you can support an incredible young woman on her journey of faith

  • What it looks like to have courage and pursue things that matter most to you

  • Regain some faith in our young people

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National Geographic (for some animal classification clarification)

Christian Artist: Tauren Wells

The World Race

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